• The CQMC defines a core measure set as a parsimonious group of scientifically sounds measures that efficiently promote a patient-centered assessment of quality and should be prioritized for adoption in value-based purchasing and APMs. 

    The CQMC has developed and released core sets of quality measures that could be implemented across both commercial and government payers.


    The current core sets include:

    The CQMC relies on Workgroups to select measures for the core sets, guide the development and refinement of materials used to update the core sets, and prioritize gaps and areas for future core set development. All Workgroups use the same set of principles to guide the development and updating of the core sets.

    Principles for measures included in the CQMC core measure sets:

    1. Advance health and healthcare improvement priorities and align with payer priorities.
    2. Are scientifically sound (e.g., NQF-endorsed or otherwise proven to be evidence-based, reliable, and valid).
    3. Minimize data collection and reporting burden (i.e., measures that fit into existing workflows, are feasible, and do not duplicate efforts).
    4. Are ambitious, yet reasonably within the control of providers.
    5. Demonstrate a significant opportunity for improvement.

    Principles for the CQMC core measure sets:

    1. Provide a person-centered and holistic view of quality.
    2. Provide meaningful and usable information to all stakeholders.
    3. Promote parsimony, alignment, and efficiency of measurement (i.e., minimum number of measures and the least burdensome measures).
    4. Emphasize measures that address cross-cutting domains of quality.
    5. Promote the use of innovative measures (e.g., e-measures, measures intended to address disparities in care, or patient-reported outcome measures).
    6. Include an appropriate mix of measure types while emphasizing outcome measures.
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