Member Activities 

Getting the Most From Your Membership

There are a wide variety of ways for you and your organization to get the most from membership in the National Quality Forum, including:

Voting on Candidate Consensus Standards

Voting is a vital part of the consensus development process and is also an important opportunity for NQF members to voice their informed opinions about a candidate consensus standard. The votes cast by NQF members provide guidance to the Consensus Standard Approval Committee in its evaluation of candidate consensus standards. NQF members can cast their vote for or against a candidate consensus standard during the 15-day voting period. The beginning and end of voting periods are announced on NQF's website and via member emails.

Providing Expertise

Steering Committees

At the beginning of a consensus development project, NQF issues a call for nominations for the project's Steering Committee. While any interested party can submit one or more nominations for a Steering Committee, the membership of the Committee is selected by NQF so as to reflect the diversity of NQF membership. Generally, a Steering Committee will be composed of individuals affiliated with NQF member organizations, unless a necessary perspective or specific expertise is not available within NQF's membership.

Commenting on Candidate Consensus Standards

As part of the consensus development process, NQF members and the public have the opportunity to provide comments on candidate consensus standards.  These comments help NQF determine if a consensus standard is feasible, usable, scientifically acceptable and important. NQF members can submit comments during a 30-day comment period.

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Taking Advantage of Leadership Opportunities

If you are interested in taking on a leadership role as part of your NQF membership, there are multiple opportunities for you to share your experience and expertise with your peers, including:

Member Council Leadership

NQF's eight Member Councils are each led by a chair and vice-chair, who are elected by the Council membership.  The Council leadership guides the work of each individual council, and meets regularly as a group to consider membership's engagement with core programmatic areas.

Consensus Standards Approval Committee (CSAC)

The CSAC is a standing committee appointed by the Board of Directors to evaluate candidate consensus standards for NQF endorsement. The CSAC's evaluation is informed by the recommendations of expert committees, the comments submitted by NQF members and the general public, and the results of voting by the NQF membership.

Board of Directors

NQF is governed by a 27-member Board of Directors comprised of key public and private sector leaders with representation of all major stakeholder groups. Consumers and purchasers hold a simple majority of the at-large seats. Board members serve three-year terms. Three seats on the Board of Directors are reserved for the directors of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and the National Institutes of Health.

If you are interested in pursuing a leadership role within the NQF membership, please contact us at

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Conducting Peer-to-Peer Networking with Healthcare Leaders

NQF members are encouraged to take full advantage of the networking opportunities afforded by participation in NQF's events, including our Steering Committee meetings and conferences held each year. The content of these events is shaped by input and feedback from NQF members.

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Participating in Member Conference Calls

NQF members can connect with other healthcare leaders on a more informal basis through monthly all-member conference calls and regular Council conference calls.

All-Member Conference Calls

These monthly conference calls are open exclusively to NQF members. During each all-member call, NQF staff provide updates on active consensus development projects, ongoing NQF activities, and upcoming events. The calls offer participating members the opportunity to engage directly with NQF staff and with one another in discussions about NQF's work.

Council-Specific Calls

Each of NQF's eight Member Councils holds a monthly or bimonthly conference call. While the schedule for these calls is accessible to the public, participation on the calls is limited to members of an individual council.  Each call is moderated by the Council's chair and vice-chair and is supported by NQF staff.  On these calls, discussions of NQF's work in general and the Council's role in that work in particular are focused through the lens of the individual stakeholder Council.

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Member Meet-up

JAN 29, 2015 | 4:00 PM ET

Join us for a Member Meet-up on Vulnerable Populations, Dual Eligibles and Measures that Matter. 

In person or online, it will be a great opportunity to be heard! Reception to follow. For NQF Members only. 

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New Members

NQF is pleased to welcome our newest members:

Lake Health
Concord, OH
Provider Organization Council