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Join the new NQF Member Network - Renal

Take advantage of a unique Member benefit that organizes and summarizes NQF work on renal health. In 2015, NQF staff will invite you to activities designed to support information-sharing and collaboration among active NQF Members, committee leaders, NQF staff, and other invited guests. 

By joining, you will receive targeted communications about how to participate in all group events and also gain access to the NQF LinkedIn group. Any individual currently associated with an active NQF Member organization may join the NQF Member Network - Renal.

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Enjoy exclusive NQF Member benefits in 2015, such as:

Attending Member-only engagement events

NQF Members are encouraged to take full advantage of the networking opportunities that range from Member-only Meetups to other engagement and education events leading up to the annual conference. The content of these events varies and is designed to help you stay current with NQF work and fellow NQF Members.

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Enhancing your knowledge at Member-only education events

NQF Members are encouraged to register for our many in-person and virtual educational opportunities that cover the basics of NQF Membership and provide deep-dive learning on quality and policy.

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Sharing your story on NQF’s website

Since April 2014, NQF has been profiling its Members on the homepage. Help us tell your story, disseminate new findings, or profile a thought leader. Contact us today.

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Attending the Annual Conference

NQF’s "Tackling Costs: The Quality Solution" conference promises a dynamic discussion among 400 national leaders in health and healthcare improvement. Hear from exciting experts, meet your peers committed to quality improvement, share your knowledge and perspective, and learn how to help your organization navigate the changing landscape of healthcare affordability and value.

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Participating in Measure Prioritization, Selection, and Endorsement

Providing Expertise

Commenting and voting is a vital part of the consensus development process and is also an important opportunity for NQF Members to voice their informed opinions to the Consensus Standard Approval Committee in its evaluation of candidate consensus standards.

Steering Committees

At the beginning of each consensus development project, NQF issues a call for nominations for the project's Steering Committee. Generally, a Steering Committee will be composed of individuals nominated by NQF Members, unless a necessary perspective or specific expertise is not available within NQF's membership.

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Assembling your own knowledgebase of quality resources

NQF issues dozens of reports, announcements, and charts each year. These resources are archived so they are easy to read and share, providing background about measurement, reporting, and NQF's role in the process.

Check out our Field Guide.

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Upcoming Member Workshops

JUN 23 | 3:00 PM ET 

Member Meet-up - 
The Health Information Imperative: Expanding Data for Improvement

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New Members

NQF is pleased to welcome our newest members:

American Association of Nurse Life Care Planners
Salt Lake City, Utah
Health Professionals Council

The Endocrine Society
Washington, DC
Health Professionals Council

Service Employees International Union
Washington, DC
Purchaser Council