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0480: PC-05 Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding
PC-05 Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding
STEWARD: The Joint Commission
Measure Description:
PC-05 assesses the number of newborns exclusively fed breast milk during the newborn´s entire hospitalization. This measure is a part of a set of five nationally implemented measures that address perinatal care (PC-01: Elective Delivery, PC-02: Cesarean Birth, PC-03: Antenatal Steroids, PC-04: Health Care-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Newborns).
Numerator Statement:
Newborns that were fed breast milk only since birth
Denominator Statement:
Single term liveborn newborns discharged alive from the hospital with ICD-10-CM Principal Diagnosis Code for single liveborn newborn as defined in Appendix A, Table 11.20.1 available at:
• Admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at this hospital during the hospitalization
• ICD-10-CM Other Diagnosis Codes for galactosemia as defined in Appendix A, Table 11.21
• ICD-10-PCS Principal Procedure Code or ICD-10-PCS Other Procedure Codes for parenteral infusion as defined in Appendix A, Table 11.22
• Experienced death
• Length of Stay >120 days
• Patients transferred to another hospital
• Patients who are not term or with < 37 weeks gestation completed
Risk Adjustment:
Measure Type:
Measure Format:
Use in Federal Program:
Hospital Compare, Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting
Perinatal Health, Perinatal Health: Newborn Care
Non-Condition Specific:
Person-and Family-Centered Care
Care Setting:
National Quality Strategy Priorities:
Health and Well-Being
Actual/Planned Use:
Public Reporting, Quality Improvement (external benchmarking to organizations), Quality Improvement (Internal to the specific organization), Regulatory and Accreditation Programs
Data Source:
Electronic Health Records, Paper Medical Records
Level of Analysis:
Facility, Other
Target Population:
Measure Steward Contact Information:
For additional measure specification information, please contact the Measure Steward.
Organization Name:
The Joint Commission
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