• The CQMC defines a core measure set as a parsimonious group of scientifically sound measures that efficiently promote a patient-centered assessment of quality and should be prioritized for adoption in value-based purchasing and Alternate Payment Models (APMs). 

    The CQMC has developed and released core sets of quality measures that could be implemented across both commercial and government payers.

    Over the past year, CQMC Workgroups were convened to update the existing eight core sets. Core set maintenance involves members with different perspectives engaging in meaningful dialogue and coming to consensus around sets of measures that reflect the best opportunities to improve care and outcomes. CQMC Workgroups reviewed new measures that could be added to the core sets to address high-priority areas. Workgroups also reviewed measures in the existing sets and removed measures if necessary, for example, if they no longer have an opportunity for improvement, no longer align with clinical guidelines, or have implementation challenges. The Workgroups also discussed measurement gaps and adoption successes and challenges. View the workgroup meeting summaries.

    The updated core sets have been approved by the Steering Committee and finalized by the full Collaborative. The documents below reflect the most recent versions of the core set, updated in 2021:

    The CQMC relies on Workgroups to select measures for the core sets, guide the development and refinement of materials used to update the core sets, and prioritize gaps and areas for future core set development.

    In this 2021 update, the CQMC Implementation Guide has been supplemented with additional content from Workgroup discussion and key informant interviews. This includes key insights and promising practices shared by regional quality collaboratives, purchasers, and health plans, as well as approaches for using data to identify and address disparities. View the updated CQMC Implementation Guide (PDF).

    All Workgroups use the same set of Principles for Core Set Measure Selection (PDF) to guide the development and updating of the core sets (updated 2021).

    The CQMC recognizes additional clinical areas or cross-cutting topics could benefit from the creation of core measure sets and has developed potential Approaches to Future Core Set Prioritization (PDF) (updated 2020).

    The CQMC has also identified measurement gaps across the core sets, including both areas where measures do not exist and areas where measures are not ready or are insufficient. These are described in the Analysis of Measurement Gap Areas and Measure Alignment report (PDF) (updated 2022).

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