Joyce Dubow 

Joyce Dubow, is the former senior health care reform director and is a Principal for health policy and strategy in AARP's Office of the Executive Vice- president for Policy and Strategy. She had responsibility for a portfolio related to AARP's health care reform initiatives with a special focus on health care quality, HIT, and consumer decision making, as well as private health plans in the Medicare program. Her multi-faceted professional career in health care spans diverse experiences in health plan leadership, government service, public policy, and consumer advocacy.

Dubow serves on several multi-stakeholder groups that focus on improving the quality and delivery of health care services. She is a member of the board of directors of the National Quality Forum (NQF) and has participated in numerous NQF-related activities, serving for example, as inaugural chair of the CSAC and co-chair of the NQF Patient-reported Outcomes Expert Panel. She is a member of: the Coordinating Committee of the Measure Application Partnership; the National Committee for Quality Assurance's Committee on Physician Programs and its Measurement Panel on Geriatrics; the National Advisory Committee for Aligning Forces for Quality of the Robert Woods Johnson Foundation; and a member of the board of the Center for Advancing Health, the Nursing Alliance for Quality Care, and the Informed Patient Institute.

Earlier in her career, Ms. Dubow was the executive vice-president of the Georgetown University Community Health Plan, a university-sponsored prepaid group practice plan. She was also the Director of Policy and Legislation in the federal Office of Health Maintenance Organizations.

Ms. Dubow holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College of the University of the City of New York.