• The National Quality Forum’s Leadership Consortium provides strategic guidance that informs the direction of current and future NQF programs and is committed to influencing meaningful and lasting change on the nation’s highest priority healthcare issues.

    The NQF Leadership Consortium brings a diverse range of perspectives from NQF’s membership to the table, including patient partners, clinicians, health plans, and quality improvement experts, and others. These experts and thought leaders leverage their collective expertise to identify actionable strategies and national policy levers to drive change for individuals and their families.

    The 2020 Leadership Consortium identified three priorities for action to guide NQF's 2021 initiatives: virtual healthcare quality, patient access to care, and patient reported outcomes.

    NQF would like to thank the following quality leaders for their participation in the 2021 NQF Leadership Consortium:

    • Optum
      Amy Nguyen Howell, Chair
    • American Association for Physician Leadership
      Peter Angood, Vice Chair
    • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality*
      Maushami DeSoto
    • American College of Lifestyle Medicine
      Padmaja Patel
    • American College of Medical Quality
      Dan Westphal
    • American College of Midwives
      Diana Jolles
    • American College of Physicians
      Samantha Tierney
    • American Heart Association
      Michele Bolles
    • Battelle
      Nicole Brennan
    • BlueCross BlueShield Association
      Carol Peden
    • Cleveland Clinic
      Robert Jones
    • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services*
      Michelle Schreiber
    • Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC)
      Ravi Parikh
    • Covered California
      Ashrith Amarnath
    • Encompass Health Corporation
      Mary Ellen DeBardeleben
    • Geisinger
      Amy Minnich
    • General Dynamics Information Technology
      Kristen Welker-Hood

    • Health Resources and Services Administration*
      Girma Alemu
    • Humana Inc.
      Kristin Russell
    • Intermountain Healthcare
      Mike Woodruff
    • Mayo Clinic
      Kannan Ramar
    • National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship
      Shelley Fuld Nasso
    • National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization
      Jennifer Kennedy
    • Novartis
      Jennifer Van Meter
    • Nursing Alliance for Quality Care
      Eileen Esposito
    • Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine
      Paul Epner
    • Teladoc Health, Inc.
      Bridget McCabe
    • Telligen
      Lindsey Wisham
    • Texas Health and Human Services Commission
      Dan Culica
    • University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center
      Ronald Walters
    • URAC
      Shawn Griffin
    • Vizient, Inc.
      Robert Dean

    *ex-officio, non-voting

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