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    NQF and FAIR Health make a perfect match.

    15% Discount for NQF Members1

    Robin Gelburd Listen to a brief presentation about FAIR Health from their President, Robin Gelburd.

    NQF Members can now access FAIR Health’s private healthcare claims data, which includes over 29 billion claim records contributed by payors and administrators who insure or process claims for private insurance plans covering more than 150 million individuals, at a significant discount.

    Contact info@fairhealth.org and provide the “NQFMember15” Discount Code.

    NEW! FAIR Health Announces Healthcare Indicators and Medical Price Index Reports (PDF)

    FAIR Health offers customized indicators and indices for specific data subsets (e.g., based on clinical category, geographic region or time period). Custom indicators and indices can be created to clients’ specifications.

    NQF Members will be introduced to a range of valuable FAIR Health offerings, including:

    FH® Benchmarks

    FH Benchmarks provide up-to-date, actionable data based on recent claims from 493 distinct geographic regions nationwide. You can access the standard modules below and custom cuts of these datasets:

    FH Charge Benchmarks:

    • FH Medical
    • FH HCPCS
    • FH Anesthesia
    • FH Inpatient Facility
    • FH Outpatient Facility
    • FH ASC Facility   

    FH Allowed Benchmarks:

    • FH Allowed Medical
    • FH Allowed HCPCS
    • FH Allowed Anesthesia
    • FH Allowed Outpatient Facility

    FH Custom Analytics and FH Dashboards   

    • Run customized analyses of FAIR Health’s FH NPIC® database, including longitudinal studies, designed to your specifications.
    • Mobilize our interactive analytic and visualization tools to easily view, analyze and drill down into data to illuminate findings.

    FH Medicare GapFill PLUS

    • Determine payment for services not valued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

    FH Consumer   

    • Benefit from our consumer engagement tools.
    • Access our award-winning consumer website in English and Spanish.

    1Discount is applicable to new licenses only; this offer may not be combined with any other offer or discount.

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