• National Quality Partners™ (NQP) brings together thought leaders and experts from the public and private sectors to take collective action on the nation’s highest priority healthcare issues. The opportunity to participate in NQP is open to all NQF members, committed to driving lasting and meaningful change.

    Where can I download NQP products, including NQP Playbooks™?

    All NQP products are available to download on the NQF Store. Products are available to both NQF members and the general public.

    Does my organization have to be an NQF member to participate in NQP?

    Yes. The opportunity to participate in NQP is an exclusive benefit for NQF member organizations.

    Search the list of current member organizations to verify whether your organization is a member. If your organization is not yet a member, learn more about the benefits of NQF membership.

    How can NQF members become involved with NQP?

    NQP has opportunities for engagement throughout the year. Check back for announcements about the launch of new NQP Action Teams, NQP Playbooks™, and educational opportunities, or sign up for NQF member email alerts.

    The NQP Leadership Consortium accepts Statements of Interest at the end of each year for the upcoming year’s NQP Leadership Consortium. NQF seeks to launch two to three new NQP Action Teams annually.

    How will NQF select organizations for participation?

    Composition of the NQP Leadership Consortium and NQP Action Teams emphasizes public and private stakeholder representation and a balance of diverse perspectives. Additionally, NQP Action Teams select organizations for participation based on content expertise in specific topical areas as needed.

    Where can I learn more about the current NQP work?

    Review the NQP Leadership Consortium’s 2019 Priorities for Action to learn more about their work.

    Sign up for NQP project alerts for the latest news on NQP initiatives.

    Who can answer my questions?

    Contact National Quality Partners with questions about participating in or sponsoring an NQP initiative.

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