Field Guide 
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How can I compare measures used in national programs with measures I use for internal quality improvement?

NQF provides a number of resources to help you compare NQF-endorsed® measures used in national programs. First, the Quality Positioning System, better known as QPS, is the central repository for all NQF-endorsed measures. It contains lists or ‘portfolios’ of measures - customized sets of NQF-endorsed measures selected by a QPS user - including portfolios of measures that are part of public and private national programs. In addition, the Community Tool to Align Measurement shows the specific NQF-endorsed measures in a number of national programs that are also in use for public reporting in sixteen regions that are part of the Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) program.

Matching up the measures you use with those used by national programs can help your organization align efforts, meet national requirements, and compare performance against others. This exercise can also show where your measure use differs, which can be helpful for learning about practical differences in priorities, data sources, and other elements of measurement.

National programs that use measures and/or pay more for better performance include Medicare and Medicaid programs that use measures, Meaningful Use, National Committee for Quality Assurance, The Joint Commission, Bridges to Excellence, Leapfrog, and many others.

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