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How do I provide feedback on an NQF-endorsed® measure?

NQF welcomes input from measure implementers and users about how a measure works. Feedback on NQF-endorsed measures can be submitted any time using NQF’s Quality Positioning System, better known as QPS, a web-based tool developed by NQF to help people more easily select and use NQF-endorsed measures. 

To submit general comments or questions about a measure, select the measure, then click “Submit General Feedback”. To provide feedback on how you use a particular measure, select the measure, then click “Comment on Measure Use”.

NQF uses this information when considering whether measures should be endorsed and also to inform input to the federal government about which measures should be used in reporting and performance-based payment programs such as Medicare and Medicaid.

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Phrase Book

A quick-reference glossary of measurement terms and phrases that are frequently used at NQF.


Visual representations of some of the processes at NQF, including measure endorsement and partnerships.


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