Field Guide 
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How do I get involved in work at NQF?

There are a number of ways to get more involved with NQF, as a great way to stay on the leading edge of what’s happening in quality measurement to improve health and healthcare:

Measure endorsement: NQF’s measure endorsement activities seek involvement from our members and the public at multiple points. NQF issues calls for nominations to Steering Committees at the beginning of every endorsement project. Anyone can comment on measures that are being considered during the evaluation process. You can also attend the Steering Committee deliberations in person or via phone.

NQF conducts a number of measure endorsement projects over the course of the year. Measure endorsement projects include a formal process to evaluate and endorse different types of consensus standards that includes a call for measures indicating to developers the type of measures needed. An expert committee assesses the measures we receive and defines critical areas for which no measures exist. The measure endorsement project process is typically referred to as a Consensus Development Process (CDP).

Our current list of projects is available online, and provides dates for upcoming public comment periods and member voting, which help to ensure that your voice and perspective are being considered in important measurement decisions.

Measure Applications Partnership (MAP): MAP is an NQF-convened group that reviews performance measures for potential use in federal public reporting and performance-based payment programs. MAP identifies areas where measures are needed, and utilizes the National Quality Strategy (NQS) as a guide in their decision making. The NQS is a nationwide effort to provide direction for improving the quality of health and healthcare in the United States guided by three aims: better care, healthy people and communities, and affordable care. MAP’s meetings are open to the public. Participation in public comment periods provide helpful perspective to those making final recommendations for which measures are best suited for use in federal programs.

National Priorities Partnership (NPP): NPP is a partnership of 52 major national organizations with a shared vision to achieve better health, and a safe, equitable, and value-driven healthcare system. NPP was an early advocate for the creation of the National Quality Strategy (NQS) as a blueprint for achieving a high-value healthcare system. The group continues to provide direction on healthcare policy and helps organizations pursuing the NQS to achieve quality improvement by making connections and spreading innovative solutions.

In order to better facilitate action on the aims of the NQS, the NPP has also established two Action Teams, focused on improving maternity care and reducing avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions across settings of care. NPP meetings are open to the public.

NPP has worked closely with the Partnership for Patients initiative to hold meetings and webinars to identify opportunities for public-private sector collaboration that advance the aims of the Partnership for Patients, which align closely with the aims of the NQS. All meetings are open to the public.

NQF Online Action Registry: An online space for organizations to share their patient safety improvement activities.

NQF Committees – For most projects, NQF actively seeks technical experts and others representing the views of different stakeholders to participate in committees.

Join NQF – Become a member of NQF to ensure that you are among the first to know about new projects, opportunities to join committees, and member voting on important measure endorsement projects.

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