Field Guide 
to NQF Resources

How do I join NQF?

Apply to be an NQF member by filling out the Membership Application Form and submitting it to

Joining NQF gives you access to leading information on priorities, measurement, and incentives to improve health and health care across the nation. As a member of NQF, you will support vital work and send a strong message that no single organization can improve the health care system alone. All health and health care is local, yet we are also connected across states and with national programs and incentives. 

NQF is a multi-stakeholder organization with more than 400 organizational members from the public and private sectors at the local, state and national levels. Members include employers, unions, consumer groups, physician organizations, hospitals and other provider groups, national associations, regional alliances, public health agencies, community non-profits, universities, federal and state government entities, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and many others. All are welcome to join.

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Phrase Book

A quick-reference glossary of measurement terms and phrases that are frequently used at NQF.


Visual representations of some of the processes at NQF, including measure endorsement and partnerships.


Learn more about how our members use NQF resources.