Field Guide 
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Where can I find a comprehensive list of NQF-endorsed® measures?

A full list of NQF-endorsed measures is available through NQF’s Quality Positioning System, better known as QPS. QPS is a web-based tool developed by NQF to help people more easily select and use NQF-endorsed measures. It allows you to search for NQF-endorsed measures in a number of ways, export your search results, and create and view portfolios of measures – customized collections of NQF-endorsed measures selected by a QPS user. Using QPS, you can find NQF-endorsed measures on particular topics, track and get reminders about measures that are important to you, and see which measures others are using.

NQF-endorsed measures have undergone careful review by expert committees made up of doctors, hospitals and other providers, employers, health plans, public agencies, community coalitions, and patients –most of whom use measures on a daily basis to ensure better care.

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Phrase Book

A quick-reference glossary of measurement terms and phrases that are frequently used at NQF.


Visual representations of some of the processes at NQF, including measure endorsement and partnerships.


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