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Where can I find measure specifications?

Specifications and related information for a given measure are often owned and kept current by the measure developer. You can find the numerator and denominator statements about NQF-endorsed® measures, the contact information for the developer of each measure, and the measure description using NQF’s Quality Positioning System, better known as QPS. QPS is a web-based tool developed by NQF to help people more easily select and use NQF-endorsed measures.

It is important to see how others are using measures. Having detailed information about a measure improves your ability to use correct data and apply them consistently in your calculations. Having detailed information about how to correctly calculate those measures can help consumers and others make accurate comparisons of providers. It also helps everyone focus on where improvement is needed the most.

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Phrase Book

A quick-reference glossary of measurement terms and phrases that are frequently used at NQF.


Visual representations of some of the processes at NQF, including measure endorsement and partnerships.


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