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Why does NQF endorsement matter?

Only a select group of measures have been endorsed by the National Quality Forum. These measures have undergone careful evaluation by expert committees made up of doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers, employers, health plans, public agencies, community coalitions, and patients –most of whom use measures on a daily basis to ensure better care. This review relies on a set of rigorous criteria to ensure that measures under consideration address aspects of care that are important and feasible to measure, provide consistent and credible information, and can be used for quality improvement and decision-making. Taken together, these criteria help to ensure that when you select an NQF-endorsed® measure for use, you can be assured that it is thoroughly vetted and best-in-class.

When organizations use the same NQF-endorsed measures, they know they are measuring the same things. These types of comparable data can be used by policy-makers, researchers, providers, and consumers to identify gaps in measurement and better understand quality issues that may be present across health care.

The Measure Applications Partnership (MAP), an NQF-convened group that reviews performance measures for potential use in federal public reporting and performance-based payment programs, gives preference to NQF-endorsed measures because of the stringent review process the measures have undergone.

As medical evidence evolves, NQF-endorsed measures undergo routine maintenance to ensure that they are still the best-available measures and reflect current standards of care.

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Phrase Book

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