Field Guide 
to NQF Resources

How can NQF help me learn more about measure endorsement, national partnerships and other NQF work?

There are a number of ways to get in touch with NQF, or to learn more about NQF and what we do. While many NQF staff members have deep expertise, the vast majority of work done at NQF involves bringing together experts from a wide range of national, state, and local organizations from the public and private sectors. The information you seek may come from someone at NQF directly, but it’s also possible that the best person to answer your question may be an expert from one or more of the hundreds of organizations involved in NQF projects.

NQF is involved in many projects that may be useful to you, such as: informing national priorities, identifying where new measures are needed, endorsing measures, and giving input about measures to use in programs like Medicare and Medicaid for reporting requirements and performance-based payment.

Questions? Contact us via email.


Phrase Book

A quick-reference glossary of measurement terms and phrases that are frequently used at NQF.


Visual representations of some of the processes at NQF, including measure endorsement and partnerships.


Learn more about how our members use NQF resources.