Reports & Tools

NQF has what your organization needs to better measure, report on, and take action to improve healthcare quality.


Looking for measures? Check out QPS, NQF's measure search tool that helps you find the endorsed measures you need quickly and easily. Search by measure title or number, as well as by condition, care setting, or measure steward.  Use QPS to learn from other measure users about how they select and use measures in their quality improvement programs.


NQF reports cover a range of topics critical to healthcare quality improvement. Explore our Reports Directory to access reports regarding measure endorsement, measure use, and establishing national healthcare priorities.   

Endorsement Summaries are designed to give you basic details on newly endorsed measures, where measures can be used, and what gaps they fill.  


NQF offers a range of tools designed to help you achieve your goals and work with others:

  • My Dashboard helps you track what is happening at NQF, and lets you personalize your experience on the web.
  • The Field Guide to NQF Resources is a dynamic, online resource designed to help those involved with measurement and public reporting more easily access basic information and NQF resources related to quality measurement.