Appeals Board 

As of early 2017, the National Quality Forum (NQF) Appeals Board adjudicates all appeals of measure endorsement decisions made by NQF’s Consensus Standards Approval Committee (CSAC). This change is described on the Appeals section of NQF’s website.

The NQF appoints Appeals Board members, drawing from former co-chairs and members of the CSAC, NQF standing committees, and current Board members to include individuals with diverse stakeholder perspectives, experience reaching consensus, and familiarity with NQF’s Consensus Development Process (CDP).

Each Appeals Board member is eligible to serve two, two-year terms. An individual will be eligible to serve again on the Appeals Board after a one-term hiatus. Terms will run from November 1 through October 31.

The Appeals Board will be subject to a conflict-of-interest policy and disclosure requirement. Appeals Board members will complete a measure-specific disclosure of interest (DOI) form prior to considering whether an appeal should move forward. For the measure(s) being appealed, Appeals Board members will disclose whether they were involved in measure development activities or whether they previously reviewed or voted on the measure(s) either as a member of the standing committee, the CSAC, or the NQF Board of Directors, in addition to other information about activities related to the measures being appealed. Any recusals by members will be announced publicly before an appeal is considered.

The Appeals Board must have a quorum to make a decision regarding an appeal and a majority vote is required.

Appeals Board meetings are scheduled via conference calls as needed, and no longer than 45 days after an appeal period has closed.

The continuing Appeals Board roster includes:

William Golden, MD, MACP 
Medical Director
Arkansas Medicaid

Laurel Pickering, MPH
Executive Vice President, Enterprise Solutions
WellDoc, Inc. 

David Shahian, MD 
Vice President 
Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Quality and Safety