Measuring Performance

Strengthening Measure Evaluation 


NQF has convened two task forces to provide guidance on NQF’s measure evaluation criteria. One task force is evaluating the subcriteria under "Importance to Measure and Report", particularly the evidence that supports the focus of measurement; the other is addressing the criteria "Scientific Acceptability of Measure Properties”, with particular focus on reliability and validity. Each task force will produce a draft report with recommendation on evaluating these criteria. The draft reports will be presented for NQF member and public review and comment prior to final review and approval by the Consensus Standards Approval Committee (CSAC) and Board of Directors.

Request for Public and Member Comments

NQF requested comments on the task force recommendations for applying the NQF measure evaluation criteria, "Guidance for Evaluating the Evidence Related to the Focus of Quality Measurement". NQF also requested comments on the task force recommendations on the measure testing and evaluating, “Guidance for Measure Testing and Evaluating Scientific Acceptability of Measure Properties”. 

Review Evidence Task Force Recommendations
Review Measure Testing Task Force Recommendations