Membership FAQs 

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Manage My Membership

Who can apply for membership, how long does it take to be approved, and how much does it cost?
If you would like to become a member of NQF, please download and complete the application. Submission instructions are included in the application.

What is the approval process?
Interested applicants must complete the organizational membership application. Once you have submitted the application and supporting financial documentation, NQF will review them for final approval. Upon approval, you will be assigned to one of NQF’s eight Member Councils: Consumer, Health Plan, Provider Organization, Public/Community Health Agency, Purchaser, Quality Measurement Research and Improvement, Supplier and Industry, and Health Professionals. Primary contacts will be notified of the approval by email and will be sent an invoice for dues.

How long does it take to be approved?
Once NQF has your completed membership application and supporting financial documentation, the membership approval process typically takes 10 business days. Primary contacts will be notified of membership approval via email.

How are dues determined?
Membership dues are determined by an organization’s operating expenses. Potential members must provide NQF with a copy of their annual report, audited financial statement, Public 990, or SEC filing. For local, state, or federal non-payer government entities, please report the total population served.

Why can’t I log onto the website as a member?
If you cannot access members-only information on the website, your organization might not be a member of NQF. View the full membership list. If you see your organization on this list, please email us at, and our team will help you gain access.

It says my organization is suspended. What does that mean?
Suspended organizations have lost access to member benefits, including voting privileges and members-only content on the website. An organization is suspended when membership dues are 60 days past due.

Can I pay our dues electronically or by credit card?
At this time, NQF does not accept dues payments by credit card. Organizations may pay through electronic funds transfer; please email for additional information.

Why am I not receiving updates and emails from NQF?
Have you checked your spam folder? When new email security upgrades are installed at your organization, NQF communications may begin to get caught by the spam filter. If this is not the issue, please email us at, and we can investigate further.

Why can I no longer see members-only information?
You organization may no longer be a member of NQF. We encourage you to check the membership list or get in touch with the individual at your organization who served as the primary contact.

How can I add someone from my organization to the member distribution list?
Please email us at to add an individual to the membership distribution list. NQF member contact types are:

President/CEO /Executive Contact
Senior executives of member organizations will be invited to attend leadership programs. Please note, the president/CEO or senior executive contact may be the same individual designated as the primary contact.

NQF Primary Member Contact
Your organization’s main contact, who has expertise or specializes in healthcare quality or patient safety. This contact retains voting rights on behalf of your organization.

Secondary Member Contact
Generally serves as a backup to the primary contact but does not receive official consensus documents from NQF.

Member Billing Contact
The individual who receives and processes your organization’s membership dues payments to NQF.

How can update my contact information?
You can update your own contact information when you are logged into the NQF website.

How do I make changes to my organization's roster? 
To determine who is on your organization’s roster, reassign contacts, and to remove an individual from a roster, please email When adding an additional contact, please provide us with the full name, title, phone number, email, and mailing address.

Are membership dues refundable?
NQF membership dues are non-refundable.