• As a national, trusted convener of multiple stakeholders in healthcare quality, NQF has a wide and growing network of experts to develop and lead the Measure Incubator.

    Through the Measure Incubator®, NQF is uniquely positioned to:

    • Effectively match measure developer(s) with projects, using NQF’s strong relationships with measure developers and other technical experts;
    • Help prioritize measure gaps and “measures that matter,” based on NQF’s substantial work to vet measures and to advance the science of quality measurement;
    • Provide a pathway to development of patient-reported outcome performance measures, based on its seminal work in this area in 2013;
    • Ensure that the best possible data assets are available throughout the measure development and testing lifecycle;
    • Leverage its experience working to expand and refine electronic quality measures; and
    • Convene leading experts in the field who bring the most current evidence-based data and knowledge to Measure Incubator® projects.
  • Quality measures help identify areas for improvement. Be a part of the conversation. Join NQF.