• As a key component of its organizational transformation, NQF has made significant changes to streamline its measure endorsement process and foster greater participation by consumers, patients, and payers on its standing committees.

    Every standing committee will now review measures twice a year to allow for more frequent opportunities for measures to be submitted and considered for endorsement and make more efficient use of NQF committee expertise. Beginning with the April 2018 measure review, NQF will require measure developers and stewards to notify NQF in advance of their intent to submit measures for endorsement to gauge in advance the workload for standing committees workload and ensure staff to needed time to prepare.

    In addition, NQF has established a Scientific Methods Panel to assist in conducting methodological reviews of submitted, complex measures. Shifting the scientific, methodological review of these measures to this panel and NQF staff will allow for greater engagement and participation by consumers, patients, and purchasers on NQF standing committees.

    “The changes to NQF’s endorsement process highlight the transformation underway at NQF to make measure endorsement more efficient, foster innovation, and enable greater access to NQF expertise,” said Shantanu Agrawal, MD, NQF’s president and CEO. “These changes reflect our commitment to improving quality—for better care and better health for all Americans.”

    Additional improvements in NQF’s measure endorsement process include:

    • Expanding the measure evaluation commenting period for the public and NQF members to 12 consecutive weeks
    • Simplifying the structure and content of NQF measure evaluation reports
    • Enhancing education and training for stakeholder participation and engagement
    • Improving access to and exchange of measure information between the measure endorsement process and Measure Applications Partnership (MAP)
    • Allowing only NQF members to signal their support for measures under review

    The changes, outlined in the 2017 Consensus Development Process Redesign report (PDF), reflect feedback from a special event during which NQF thoroughly examined how it endorses measures, specifically to make the process more agile and reduce the cycle time for measure submission and review. More than 40 private- and public-sector stakeholders—including experts from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other federal agencies, NQF standing committees, and organizations that develop measures, also provided input, as did NQF members and the public.

    Phased implementation of some of these changes began this summer. Additional changes are being implemented with direction from NQF’s governance committee and Board of Directors.

    Please refer to the frequently asked questions (PDF) or contact NQF staff with any questions.

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