• The Joint Commission and National Quality Forum (NQF) have joined forces in a strategic affiliation to accelerate improvements in healthcare quality, safety, equity, and affordability for all people.

    Coupling NQF’s trusted multistakeholder processes with the effector platform of The Joint Commission’s national and international accreditation and certification programs will accelerate improvements across the continuum of care while reducing the burden of measurement on healthcare organizations and workers. Together, we have unparalleled capabilities in healthcare performance measurement for uses including accountability, improvement, and value-based care—capabilities essential to rationalizing the measurement landscape and shifting away from competing measures to advancing key outcomes in higher quality, safer, more equitable, and more affordable care. 

    NQF maintains its independence in convening and developing consensus-based measures, implementation guidance, and practices that benefit all stakeholders. Our work will continue to focus on forging multistakeholder consensus on the standards and practices both upstream and downstream of the nation’s portfolio of measures necessary for improving outcomes, safety, equity, and affordability.