• NQF’s National Quality Partners (NQP) brings together thought leaders and experts from the public and private sectors to take collective action on the nation’s highest priority healthcare issues. NQP leads practical, action-oriented initiatives to drive meaningful and lasting change in health and healthcare.

    NQP's Work

    NQP’s work evolves from the National Quality Strategy, which guides healthcare improvement throughout the United States. NQP’s current initiatives include:

    The NQP Leadership Consortium selects critical areas for action and guides the work of NQP, including Action Teams, which develop strategies to address national healthcare priorities. The NQP Leadership Consortium and NQP are committed to leveraging collective organizational expertise and represent a diverse range of perspectives from NQF's membership, including physicians, patients, consumer advocates, and health plans.


    NQP has achieved a strong record of success through initiatives that emphasize action and implementation to address some of the nation’s most pressing needs:

    • NQP’s Playbook: Antibiotic Stewardship in Acute Care provides a roadmap for U.S. hospitals to strengthen antibiotic stewardship programs and helped spur national standards requiring that hospitals have robust antimicrobial stewardship programs in place to address antibiotic overuse and misuse
    • NQP’s Advanced Illness Care Issue Brief provides physicians with tools to discuss complex issues with patients about their preferences and goals for advanced illness care
    • The Early Elective Delivery Playbook contributed to a 50 percent decline in early elective deliveries nationwide over a three-year period

    Get Involved

    Find out how to get involved with NQP. Please contact National Quality Partners to fund current and future initiatives.

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