• The National Quality Partners™ (NQP) Leadership Consortium provides strategic guidance and sets the direction for NQP™’s portfolio of initiatives. The NQP Leadership Consortium is committed to influencing meaningful and lasting change on the nation’s highest priority healthcare issues.

    The NQP Leadership Consortium brings a diverse range of perspectives from NQF’s membership to the table, including patient partners, clinicians, health plans, and quality improvement experts. These experts and thought leaders leverage their collective expertise to identify actionable strategies and national policy levers to drive change for individuals and their families.

    NQP’s 2018 Leadership Consortium identified three priorities for action for 2019: integrated care coordination, patient-centered health system co-design, and healthcare workplace violence. The 2019 Leadership Consortium will be announced in late January 2019.

    NQP is grateful to the following quality leaders for their participation in the 2018 Leadership Consortium and for their ongoing contributions to NQF’s quality improvement initiatives:

    • Planetree International 
      Susan Frampton, Chair
    • University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center
      Ron Walters, Vice Chair
    • Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality*
      Nancy Wilson
    • American Association for Physician Leadership
      Peter Angood
    • American Case Management Association
      Debra McElroy
    • American Hospital Association
      Nancy Foster
    • Association of Rehabilitation Nurses
      Terrie Black
    • BlueCross BlueShield Association
      Kari Hedges
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention*
      Peter Briss
    • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services*
      Reena Duseja
    • Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC)
      David Longnecker
    • Council of Medical Specialty Societies
      Helen Burstin
    • HCA
      Michael Schlosser
    • Henry Ford Health System
      Michelle Schreiber
    • Homewatch CareGivers, LLC
      Jennifer Ramona
    • IBM Watson Health
      Lisa Patton
    • IPRO
      Jennifer Edwards
    • Johnson & Johnson Health Care
      Systems, Inc.

      John Sears
    • Magellan Health, Inc.
      Karen Amstutz
    • Merck & Co., Inc.*
      Robert Farina
    • Network for Regional Healthcare

      James Chase
    • Nursing Alliance for Quality Care
      Eileen Esposito
    • Partners Behavioral Health Management
      Selenna Moss
    • Patient & Family Centered Care
      Partners, Inc.

      Libby Hoy
    • Quality Insights
      Joshua Nyirenda
    • The Joint Commission
      Margaret VanAmringe
    • Trinity Health
      Tammy Lundstrom
    • URAC
      Marybeth Farquhar
    • Veterans Health Administration*
      Carolyn Clancy
    • Vizient, Inc.
      Robert Dean

    *ex-officio, non-voting

    NQP appreciates the contributions of the members of the inaugural 2017 NQP Leadership Consortium (PDF), which established a framework for NQP and helped chart its strategic direction as these critical initiatives grow and evolve.

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