NQF Retires 22 Measures 

FEB 13, 2012

CONTACT: Erin Weireter

NQF Retires 22 Measures

 Washington, DC – the National Quality Forum (NQF) Board of Directors has removed 22 measures from the NQF portfolio due to retire requests.  The measures cover a range of clinical care concerns, and were declared non-endorsed measures on February 10, 2012.

 Retired Measures 

  • 0015: Prenatal Blood Groups (ABO), D (Rh) Type 
  • 0016: Prenatal Blood Group Antibody Testing 
  • 0019: Documentation of medication list in the outpatient record 
  • 0020: Documentation of allergies and adverse reactions in the outpatient record 
  • 0026: Measure pair - a. Tobacco use prevention for infants, children and adolescents, b. Tobacco use cessation for infants, children and adolescents 
  • 0094: Assessment of Oxygen Saturation for Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia 
  • 0095: Assessment Mental Status for Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia 
  • 0200: Death among surgical inpatients with treatable serious complications (failure to rescue) 
  • 0307: LBP: Patient  Education 
  • 0308: LBP: Evaluation of Patient Experience 
  • 0311: LBP: Post-surgical Outcomes 
  • 0333: Severity-Standardized ALOS - Deliveries 
  • 0402: Screening foreign-born adults for chronic hepatitis B 
  • 0432: Influenza Vaccination of Nursing Home/ Skilled Nursing Facility Residents 
  • 0433: Pneumococcal Vaccination of Nursing Home/ Skilled Nursing Facility Residents 
  • 0451: Call for a Measure of Glycemic Control with Intravenous Insulin Implementation 
  • 0490: The Ability to use Health Information Technology to Perform Care Management at the Point of Care 
  • 0498: Door to Diagnostic Evaluation by a Qualified Medical Personnel 
  • 0499: Left Without Being Seen 
  • 0547: Diabetes and Medication Possession Ratio for Statin Therapy 
  • 0550: Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension and Medication Possession Ratio for ACEI/ARB Therapy 
  • 0628: COPD with Exacerbations – Use of Long-Acting Bronchodilator Therapy 

NQF operates under a three-part mission to improve the quality of American healthcare by:  

  • building consensus on national priorities and goals for performance improvement and working in partnership to achieve them;  
  • endorsing national consensus standards for measuring and publicly reporting on performance; and  
  • promoting the attainment of national goals through education and outreach programs.