Statement from NQF on Review of Sepsis Measure 

APR 29, 2014

CONTACT: Erin Reese

Statement from NQF on Review of Sepsis Measure

Washington, DC
- The NQF Patient Safety Standing Committee, at its April meeting, conducted an ad hoc review of NQF measure #0500 (Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: Management Bundle) as part of its ongoing work. The question before the Patient Safety Standing Committee was whether, in light of new evidence emerging from the recent Protocolized Care for Early Septic Shock (ProCESS) trial, the quality, quantity, and consistency of the evidence base as a whole support item 'F' of NQF measure #0500. That is, given newly-emerged evidence, should item 'F' be retained in NQF measure #0500, or removed?

In response, the Committee voted 11-7 to remove item 'F' from the bundle. The Committee did not vote to remove endorsement of the full measure, and repeatedly affirmed the importance of the remaining bundle elements, stressing their important role in improving care for sepsis and saving patient lives.

The Committee vote is not a final decision on this issue. The next step in the review process is for NQF staff to summarize the Committee's recommendations on measure #0500 and release them for public comment by May 22. All related transcripts, documents, and other information about this public comment period can be found on the NQF Patient Safety Measures project page.

Once the public comment period is completed, NQF staff will adjudicate the public comments for the Committee. The Committee will then make a final recommendation on the measure for the NQF Board's consideration.