NQF Statement on the Institute of Medicine’s Vital Signs 

APR 28, 2015

CONTACT: Sofia Kosmetatos

NQF Statement on the Institute of Medicine’s Vital Signs
Core Metrics for Health and Health Care Progress Report

Washington, DC
– The National Quality Forum (NQF) commends the Institute of Medicine (IOM) for its work to lay a foundation for a more effective and efficient health measurement system in its Vital Signs: Core metrics for Health and Health Care Progress report.

“The IOM report is the latest evidence of an intensifying national effort to better leverage quality measurement to drive healthcare improvement,” said NQF President and CEO, Christine K. Cassel, MD. “In light of the recently announced Department of Health and Human Services quality goals, the newly launched Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network, and bi-partisan congressional support of quality legislation, the quality movement is poised to get more performance out of performance measurement transformation.”

With its 15 years of work to engage all stakeholders in the challenge of advancing health and healthcare improvement through measurement, NQF applauds the IOM’s recognition of the importance of a multistakeholder process in measurement activities.

As the IOM notes in its report and related materials, alignment of measures is essential to achieving a more efficient health system. NQF will continue its important work with both the private and public sectors to reduce measurement burden on providers while identifying metrics that drive quality improvement and help consumers and purchasers make informed decisions about healthcare.