• MAP Coordinating Committee

    The Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) operates under a three-tiered structure consisting of a Coordinating Committee along with three setting-specific Workgroups and two Advisory Groups. An overarching, standing, multi-stakeholder Coordinating Committee provides strategic direction to MAP Workgroups and provides final approval of the recommendations and guidance developed by the setting-specific Workgroups and Advisory Groups. The Coordinating Committee provides input to HHS and private sector initiatives on measures for use in public reporting, performance-based payment, and other programs. Read more
    • REVIEW - (Proposed Roster) through Aug 22, 6:00pm
    • ACCESS FINAL REPORT - 2021-2022 Considerations for Implementing Measures Final Report
    • ACCESS FINAL REPORT - 2021-2022 Considerations for Measure Set Removal in Federal Programs Final Report

MAP Coordinating Committee


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