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Coordination Strategy for Clinician Performance Measurement 

Date of Publication:
OCT 2011
Associated Project:
Clinician Workgroup
There has been a proliferation of federal programs that focus on measuring clinician performance as a gauge of whether resources spent on healthcare are achieving appropriate value and results. While each program has important and targeted aims, the siloed and disconnected nature of their underlying measurement requirements create undue burden for clinicians, wasteful and duplicative data collection for clinicians and government, and send conflicting signals. Ultimately and most important, this misalignment hampers acceleration toward delivery of safer, appropriate, and higher-quality care for all patients. This report from the Measure Applications Partnership specifically outlines a coordination strategy for HHS on federal clinician performance measurement. The recommendations presented would simultaneously accelerate improvement and a more cohesive system of care delivery because clinicians and the largest payer in the country will be focused on a select, targeted set of performance measures linked to achieving overall national aims for improved health and healthcare.