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MAP Coordination Strategy for Healthcare-Acquired Conditions and Readmissions Across Public and Private Payers 

Date of Publication:
OCT 2011
Associated Project:
Measure Applications Partnership
At any given time, approximately one in every 20 patients has an infection related to their hospital care, and nearly one in five Medicare patients—nearly 2.6 million seniors—discharged from the hospital is readmitted within 30 days. The financial impact of healthcare-acquired conditions and preventable hospital readmissions runs into the billions; the human impact can be measured in significantly reduced quality of life, lost productivity in the workplace, and the emotional strain of prolonged pain and/or needed care. This report from the Measure Applications Partnership specifically outlines an ideal coordination strategy for HHS and the broader field on alignment of performance measurement and other approaches for addressing healthcare-acquired conditions and readmissions for all patients, regardless of who ultimately pays for their care.