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Person- and Family-Centered Care Final Report - Phase 1 

Date of Publication:
MAR 2015
Associated Project:
Person- and Family-Centered Care Measures
Ensuring that every patient and family member is engaged as partners in their care is one of the core priorities of the National Quality Strategy (NQS). Despite recent and ongoing efforts to shift the healthcare paradigm from one in which patients are passive recipients of care to one in which they are empowered to actively participate in their own care, the current state of the system has a long way to go before this shift is realized. This project sought to review measures that captured the essence of person- and family-centered care including patient and family engagement in care, care based on patient needs and preferences, shared decision-making, and activation for self-care management. NQF is undertaking this project in two phases. Phase 1, detailed in this report, examines 12 (1 newly submitted and 11 measures undergoing maintenance) experience-of-care measures. Phase 2 will review measures of functional status, both clinician and patient-assessed.