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Cross-Cutting Challenges Facing Measurement: MAP 2016 Guidance 

Date of Publication:
MAR 2016
Associated Project:
Measure Applications Partnership
When deliberating on specific measures during this year’s pre-rulemaking process, the Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) identified broad measurement issues, including the importance of attributing measurement results to the appropriate accountable entity and encouraging shared accountability for patient outcomes, the need to reduce healthcare disparities and for the relevant NQF standing committees to review measures that are proposed for selection in programs to determine if sociodemographic adjustment is appropriate, and the need to develop processes to maintain its recommendations. Additionally, MAP used the five-year mark of its establishment to reflect on the changing landscape of performance measurement and federal quality initiatives to identify areas for continued enhancements to the pre-rulemaking process. MAP identified several key changes in the measures under consideration by CMS including: an increasing number of measures early in development and an increase in the number of outcome measures considered.