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Attribution - Principles and Approaches 

Date of Publication:
DEC 2016
Associated Project:
Attribution 2015-2016
Attribution is a process that aims to assign accountability for a patient’s outcomes to a clinician, groups of clinicians, or a facility. The choice of an attribution model can affect which patients are included in the population addressed by a value-based purchasing program or included in the denominator of a performance measure. Differences in the populations included can result in meaningful differences in the cost and quality profiles for clinicians and facilities, affecting reputation and reimbursement. The Attribution: Principles and Approaches report provides guidance to the field on selecting and implementing attribution models. The report combines findings from a commissioned environmental scan of current attribution models, guiding principles for attribution, the Attribution Model Selection Guide for measure developers and program implementers, and a set of recommendations for the field. EARN CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT: Copy and paste for more details.