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2016-2017 Process and Approach for MAP Pre-Rulemaking Deliberations 

Date of Publication:
FEB 2017
Associated Project:
Measure Applications Partnership
For the 2016-2017 pre-rulemaking cycle, MAP reviewed 74 performance measures under consideration for use in 16 federal healthcare programs, covering clinician, hospital, and post-acute/long-term care settings. During the pre-rulemaking review cycle, the federal government looks to MAP, a public-private partnership, to advise on the selection of measures. Over the course of the review process, MAP promotes alignment across HHS programs and with private sector efforts, incorporates measure use and performance information into MAP decision-making, and provides specific recommendations about the best use of available measures and measure gaps. MAP has now completed its sixth pre-rulemaking cycle, culminating in these recommendations. This is the first of five reports. MAP will issues reports which include recommendations on overall measure sets and guidance on measure reduction in federal programs, including strategic guidance and issues that cut across settings.