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Maximizing the Value of Measurement: MAP 2017 Guidance 

Date of Publication:
MAR 2017
Associated Project:
Measure Applications Partnership
In its 2016-2017 pre-rulemaking work, MAP emphasized maximizing the value that measurement brings to healthcare improvement while ensuring a person-centered approach to healthcare delivery. This year MAP also provided guidance on the potential future removal of measures from federal programs to reduce the measurement burden on clinician and providers. In addition, MAP discussed better understanding the impact of measurement as a means of maximizing its value in improving healthcare, assessing how measures perform once implemented, and exploring how best to ensure the use of high-value measures. MAP also emphasized the importance of a person-centered approach to measurement by encouraging shared accountability for a patient’s outcomes, developing patient-reported outcome (PRO) based performance measures, and finding ways to increase the information available about healthcare quality to all consumers. Finally, MAP noted the need to ensure that measures used in accountability programs are fair and accurate.