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Creating a Framework to Support Measure Development for Telehealth 

Date of Publication:
AUG 2017
Associated Project:
Telehealth 2016-2017
Telehealth offers tremendous potential to transform the healthcare delivery system by overcoming geographical distance, enhancing access to care, and building efficiencies. A multi-stakeholder committee (the Telehealth Committee) was convened to recommend various methods to measure the use of telehealth as a means of providing care. The Committee provided input and direction on the development of a measurement framework that identifies measures and measure concepts. This report and the conceptual framework herein serve as the foundation for future efforts by measure developers, researchers, analysts, and others in the healthcare community to advance quality measurement for telehealth. By identifying some of the highest-priority areas for measurement, this report may support the development of measures that incorporate into a telehealth environment as part of an iterative development process.