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Pediatrics 2016-2017 Final Report 

Date of Publication:
AUG 2017
Associated Project:
Pediatric Project 2016-2017
Understanding the health-related needs of children and adolescents is essential for developing measures to improve the quality of care for the pediatric population. Currently, there are 102 NQF-endorsed measures that include the pediatric population; 39 are specific to the pediatric population and 63 include both the pediatric and adult populations. Many of the measures in the pediatric portfolio are in use in at least one federal program: 17 NQF-endorsed measures have been included in the 2017 Core Set of Children’s Health Care Quality Measures for Medicaid and CHIP (Child Core Set). Although the number of NQF-endorsed pediatric measures is growing, expanding the availability of evidence-based pediatric measures for public and private use remains a priority. For this project, the Pediatric Performance Measures Standing Committee evaluated 11 newly submitted measures against NQF’s standard evaluation criteria, and recommended four measures for endorsement.