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MAP 2018 Considerations for Implementing Measures in Federal Programs - PAC-LTC 

Date of Publication:
FEB 2018
Associated Project:
MAP Post-Acute CareLong-Term Care Workgroup
The Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) reviewed one measure under consideration for the Skilled Nursing Facility Quality Reporting Program (SNF QRP). MAP’s pre-rulemaking recommendation for the measure in this program reflect the MAP Measure Selection Criteria, how well the measure address the identified program goals, and MAP’s guidance for priorities in post-acute and long-term care. In addition, MAP identified measurement gaps for five setting-specific programs addressing post-acute care (PAC) and long-term care (LTC). During its review of the measures, MAP identified several overarching themes including: (1) Aligning measures to address critical quality issues, (2) Addressing crucial measurement gaps, and 3) Improving the impact of measurement. This report explores those issues in further detail.