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Opportunities for Advancing Quality Measurement in Community-Based Serious Illness Care 

Date of Publication:
MAY 2020
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Drawing from multistakeholder input gathered from key experts convened as part of the Serious Illness Quality Alignment Hub, this Issue Brief offers opportunities for advancing quality measurement in community-based serious illness care. This Issue Brief outlines recommendations, preferred tools, and approaches to help providers in community-based settings integrate functional assessment into care and identify and meet the needs of caregivers of those with serious illness. It also outlines current measures available for use, in development, or proposed to fill measurement gaps, including several high-priority measure concepts addressing functional assessment and caregiver strain and resilience. While quality measurement in community-based serious illness programs is emerging and evolving, it is important for community-based organizations and providers to measure the care they are delivering in an effort to ensure patients receive care that is appropriate, beneficial, and high quality.