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Opioid and Behavioral Health Final Report 

Date of Publication:
SEP 2021
Associated Project:
Opioids and Behavioral Health Committee
The United States is amid a devastating opioid and substance use disorder (SUD) crisis and is currently experiencing its largest wave of overdose deaths to date, driven primarily by the rise in polysubstance use. Recognizing the evolution of the opioid crisis, National Quality Forum (NQF), with funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), convened a Committee to develop a quality measurement framework to address overdose and mortality resulting from polysubstance use involving synthetic and semi-synthetic opioids (SSSOs) among individuals with co-occurring behavioral health conditions. The goal of the measurement framework is to improve the prevention and monitoring of SUD/opioid use disorder, opioid-related overdoses, and opioid-related mortality among individuals with co-occurring behavioral health conditions who use SSSOs with other legal and/or illegal drugs. The framework highlights opportunities for coordination and partnerships across care settings, and supports stakeholders in their ability to quickly adapt and improve their readiness in a rapidly changing landscape.