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2903: Contraceptive Care – Most & Moderately Effective Methods
Contraceptive Care – Most & Moderately Effective Methods
STEWARD: US Office of Population Affairs
Measure Description:
The percentage of women aged 15-44 years at risk of unintended pregnancy that is provided a most effective (i.e., sterilization, implants, intrauterine devices or systems (IUD/IUS)) or moderately effective (i.e., injectables, oral pills, patch, ring, or diaphragm) method of contraception.
The proposed measure is an intermediate outcome measure because it represents a decision that is made at the end of a clinical encounter about the type of contraceptive method a woman will use, and because of the strong association between type of contraceptive method used and risk of unintended pregnancy.
Numerator Statement:
Women aged 15-44 years of age at risk of unintended pregnancy who are provided a most (sterilization, intrauterine device, implant) or moderately (pill, patch, ring, injectable, diaphragm) effective method of contraception.
Denominator Statement:
Women aged 15-44 years of age who are at risk of unintended pregnancy.
The following categories of women are excluded from the denominator: (1) those who are infecund for non-contraceptive reasons; (2) those who had a live birth in the last 2 months of the measurement year; or (3) those who were still pregnant or their pregnancy outcome was unknown at the end of the year.
Risk Adjustment:
Measure Type:
Outcome: Intermediate Clinical Outcome
Measure Format:
Use in Federal Program:
Perinatal Health, Perinatal Health: Newborn Care
Non-Condition Specific:
Primary Prevention
Care Setting:
National Quality Strategy Priorities:
Affordable Care: Access
Actual/Planned Use:
Data Source:
Level of Analysis:
Facility, Health Plan, Population: Regional and State
Target Population:
Children, Women
Measure Selection Attributes (Learn more):
Outcome-Focused, Highest Opportunity for Improvement, Lowest Data Collection Burden
Measure Steward Contact Information:
For additional measure specification information, please contact the Measure Steward.
Organization Name:
US Office of Population Affairs
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Measure Disclaimer:
Not applicable
Current Activity:
Endorsement Maintenance: Perinatal and Women's Health Spring Cycle 2021
Last Updated Date:
Nov 22, 2019
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