• Access to health information is constantly evolving with the prevalence and use of technology platforms. Anyone can be a consumer in today’s information landscape, as more people have access to unlimited information at any time of the day. However, despite an increase in the amount of information that exists, consumers are faced with potential overload, which can lead to frustration, confusion, or worse, misinformation. The gap between consumers and high quality health information is still a challenge.

    High quality online health information is that which is available to consumers across all health literacy levels, and which enables them to find, comprehend, and utilize the information effectively. In other words, health sources must do more than sharing high quality information.

    With support from YouTube Health, NQF developed an Issue Brief (PDF) that identifies ways for health sources to advance consumers’ access to and use of online health information to better inform their health and healthcare decisions. The brief outlines the five fundamentals of high quality online health information and serves as a foundational resource for content creators. For more information on this initiative or for any questions, please email qualityinnovation@qualityforum.org.

  • High Quality Online Health Information Issue Brief