NQF Committee Nominations 

NQF accepts nominations during the formal Call for Nominations period of a project. The nominations form:

  • enables a more convenient nomination process for individuals and organizations interested in serving on more than one committee;
  • allows for simultaneous nominations and an easy way to update information.

Nominations must be submitted by project-specific deadlines for nominees to be considered. You may edit your submitted nominations using the buttons above. Please select topic-areas of interest where the nominee has direct expertise ONLY. The nominee will appear in the pool of nominees for the selected topic area during active nominations for each project.


Individual Opportunities



Organizational Opportunities


Participation Requirements

Requirements for serving vary by type of committee, including the length of the term, time commitment, responsibilities and expectations. Committee members serve on a voluntary basis. Travel expenses for in-person meetings are covered by NQF. For more information, please see the project-specific web page and the Call for Nominations if available. You may also access the Standing Committee Guidebook (PDF).

Application Instructions

To nominate either an individual or organization, you will need to log in with your NQF username. For login and additional technical assistance, please contact info@qualityforum.org.

To nominate an organization, an executive of that organization must submit a completed nomination form.

To nominate an individual subject matter expert, nominators or self-nominators should submit:

  • Materials requested of organizations above;
  • 100-word biography;
  • Curriculum vitae (maximum of 20 pages); and
  • Disclosure of Interest form (will be requested from NQF Committee Management office during formal Call for Nominations)

NQF Conflict of Interest Policies

Nomination Process

In an effort to improve the experience of nominators and nominees, NQF is launching several improvements to our process.

Nomination Submission

  • Nominations should be submitted with complete information in order to be considered for the selected Committees.
  • Nominations forms can be updated at any time.
  • Disclosure of interest forms will be solicited by the NQF Committee Management Office once the formal Call for Nominations for the Committee(s) has been initiated.
  • Nominees will not need to submit another nomination during the project's formal call but will be invited to update their form before the deadline.
  • Nominees are encouraged to check the Call for Nominations document for active projects to ensure their availability for scheduled meetings and conference calls. If you have questions or need more information, please contact nominations@qualityforum.org.

Nominee Review and Consideration

  • Please note nominees may not be contacted immediately. Nominations are submitted to a nominee pool and will be considered as openings for new experts become available or during a project's formal Call for Nominations period.
  • Consideration of the nominee pool will begin once the formal Call for Nominations closes.
  • NQF may follow up with you if there are questions about your nomination or need more information.
  • Once NQF is ready to seat a committee, we will follow up to confirm nominee availability for the calls/meeting dates; nominees must be available for the calls and meetings to be eligible for consideration.

Nominee Selection

  • Nominees will be notified of the nomination decision via email within 30 days of the close of the formal Call for Nominations.
  • Nominees selected to sit on the Committee:
    • Must confirm availability for meetings and conference calls
    • A full roster and bios of the Committee will be posted online for a 14-day roster review.
    • Nomination to the Committee is confirmed following the roster review, assuming no issues were identified. 
  • Nominees will remain in the nominee pool for one year and then will automatically be removed.

For questions about the NQF nominations process, contact the NQF Committee Management Office at nominations@qualityforum.org.


OPEN Call for Nominations

There are no open calls for nominations at this time.