Serious Reportable Events 

Serious Reportable Events aka "Never Events"

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Preventing adverse events in healthcare is central to NQF's patient safety efforts. To ensure that all patients are protected from injury while receiving care, NQF has developed and endorsed a set of Serious Reportable Events (SREs). This set is a compilation of serious, largely preventable, and harmful clinical events, designed to help the healthcare field assess, measure, and report performance in providing safe care.

Learn More About NQF's SREs

Originally endorsed in 2002 as a set of adverse events that occur in hospitals, NQF's list of SREs has since evolved to account for a range of clinical settings where patients receive care, including office-based practices, ambulatory surgery centers, and skilled nursing facilities. NQF has also provided guidance on how healthcare stakeholders can best report such events to help drive national improvements in patient safety. Read the 2011 report.

National Efforts in Reporting Adverse Events

To date, more than half the states and the District of Columbia have enacted reporting systems to help stakeholders identify and learn from SREs. The majority of those states incorporate at least some portion of NQF's list to help align reporting efforts and encourage learning across healthcare systems. Learn more about state reporting efforts.

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