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NQF is committed to helping our nation achieve better and affordable care, and improving the overall health of Americans. Specifically, NQF:

Sets standards. NQF-endorsed measures are considered the gold standard for healthcare measurement in the United States. Expert committees that are comprised of various stakeholders, including patients, providers, and payers, evaluate measures for NQF endorsement. The federal government and many private sector entities use NQF-endorsed measures above all others because of the rigor and consensus process behind them. Nearly all NQF-endorsed measures are in use.

Recommends measures for use in payment and public reporting programs. By 2017, 90 percent of all Medicare payments will be performance-based. Under legislated authority, the NQF-convened Measure Applications Partnership (MAP) advises the federal government and private sector payers on the optimal measures for use in specific payment and accountability programs. MAP also bridges public and private sector use of measures to help the nation use measures efficiently and reduce burden.

Advances electronic measurement. Care can be safer, more affordable, and better coordinated when electronic health records capture data needed to measure performance and when that data is shared easily between healthcare providers and their patients. NQF's health IT initiatives are designed to support the complex, but important, move toward electronic measurement.

Provides information and tools to help healthcare decision-makers. Healthcare is changing quickly and performance measurement is changing with it. NQF provides reports, tools, events, and information to help physicians and others on the frontlines of changing healthcare.

Field Guide to NQF Resources

The Field Guide to NQF Resources is a dynamic, online resource to help those involved with measurement and public reporting more easily access basic information and NQF resources related to quality measurement.