Alignment Tool Webinar 

MAR 07, 2012  01:30 PM  -  03:00 PM

Introducing the Community Tool to Align Measurement

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NQF’s Community Tool to Align Measurement (Alignment Tool) can help you align, expand, or start your measurement and public reporting efforts in ways that fit with key national programs. Reap the benefit of learning from others engaged in similar work across the country.

The Alignment Tool, developed in collaboration with the 16 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) community alliances, consists of NQF-endorsed® measures already in use by one or more alliance, mapped to the National Quality Strategy priorities and national programs that involve reporting requirements or payment incentives. View the webinar to hear from three communities about their involvement with this work and learn how the Alignment Tool can inform your measurement decisions at many levels.


  • Anne Weiss, Team Director and Senior Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation 
  • Melissa Kennedy, Director of Operations, the Health Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati
  • Lori Lambert, Director of Measurement and Reporting, Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation
  • Tom James, Medical Director, National Network Operations, Humana 

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