Improving NQF's Processes 

The healthcare community is increasingly asking for transparent and faster progress in improving quality, reducing waste, and focusing on care that is more patient-centered. To accelerate such progress, the quality community recognizes the need to get to better measures faster.

NQF and others have heard this challenge, and collectively are taking steps to change our approach to measure development and endorsement to be more strategic and efficient. These include:

Consensus Development Process Improvements. New communications tools offer critical information about endorsement activity. Stakeholders now receive NQF Go—short email alerts explaining new work, why it matters, and how to get involved—at the start of every project. They can also sign up for project alert emails and be regularly notified of upcoming activity and opportunities to engage.

Educational materials (PDF) are also now available to ensure participating stakeholders have the right information and support to fully engage in NQF work.

In September 2013, NQF hosted a LEAN improvement event where participants challenged themselves to think how measure development and endorsement can be more agile, more adaptive, less costly for all parties involved, and produce better results.

The ideas put forth are promising (PDF), and NQF is now working with participants to incorporate them into our processes.

Since then, NQF has implemented many changes for our CDP process, including our process for re-evaluating Maintenance measures. Please see Restructuring NQF’s Maintenance of Endorsement Process 2015 (PDF) for the most up to date changes to our Maintenance process.

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