Efficiency: Imaging Efficiency

Call for Intent
July 2020

Efficiency: Imaging Efficiency

NQF is initiating a consensus development project seeking endorsement of measures for Efficiency: Imaging Efficiency
If, after reviewing this Call for Intent, your organization believes it has one or more measures that address the scope and objectives of this project as described below and would like NQF to evaluate them for possible endorsement, please submit a call for intent to submit candidate standards by 30 June, 2010 to complete this process.
NQF has recently converted to electronic submission of materials. To submit your intent, log in with your NQF username and password and complete the form for each intended measure submission. If you have not created an NQF account, please follow the instructions on the log-in page.
NQF is initiating a consensus development project seeking outpatient measures focused on the
appropriate use of outpatient imaging services, avoidance of redundant and unnecessary
exposure to radiation, and reduction of wasteful follow-up procedures. These strategies have
the potential to improve both the quality and affordability of health care. Overuse of imaging
procedures was identified as a targeted area within the National Priorities Partnership.
To date, NQF has endorsed a limited number of imaging efficiency measures focused on
appropriateness of imaging, efficient use and management of imaging diagnostic services,
coordination of care and communication among all providers and departments regarding a
diagnostic imaging service. This follow-up project seeks to fill measurement gaps that address
overuse of high cost, high risk imaging in the outpatient setting.
NQF will solicit candidate standards for review, evaluation and potential endorsement as
national voluntary consensus standards for imaging efficiency. The goal of these consensus standards is to identify specific imaging efficiency measurement domains, which include, but
are not limited to:
• Duplication of imaging services;
• Overlap of imaging services;
• Screening;
• Negative studies;
• Non-contrast imaging of the same body part using the same imaging modality followed
shortly thereafter but on separate occasions with contrast imaging;
• Imaging of adjacent body parts;
• Coordination of care.
The candidate measures will be considered for NQF endorsement as voluntary consensus
standards. Agreement around the recommendations will be developed through NQF’s formal
Consensus Development Process (CDP). This project will involve the active participation of
representatives from across the spectrum of healthcare stakeholders and will be guided by a
Steering Committee with assistance from technical advisors as needed.
This project is supported under a contract provided by the ABIM Foundation, Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses, and American Association of Nurse Assessment Coordination (AANAC).
For more information, contact at (202) 783-1300 or via e-mail at .