eMeasure Format Review 

Project Status: Completed

eMeasure Format Review

At the request of HHS, NQF was asked to convert or retool 113 paper-based measures to an electronic format. The eMeasure Format Review Panel was convened in 2010 to evaluate the structure and intent of the 113 retooled measures.

The panel – made up of a diverse set of healthcare stakeholders – conducted a transparent and thorough review of the measures to fully understand any potential changes in the logic, meaning, or intent in the retooled measures. The panel provided recommendations and guidance on any appropriate actions regarding each measure. The measure stewards were key partners in this process and maintained ultimate approval on all updates completed.

In collaboration with the measure stewards, NQF completed updates to the 113 measures based on the panel’s recommendations, public comments, and measure steward guidance. In December 2011, NQF submitted the full set of 113 retooled measures to HHS with all supporting documentation.

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